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Soundwin S800 là cổng nối internet hoạt động đầy đủ cả hai chuẩn SIP và H.323. 

Cung cấp một giải pháp tổng thể cho việc tích hợp mạng thoại - dữ liệu và mạng PSTN. Nhỏ gọn, c
ài đặt đơn giản cấu hình 8 cổng FXS / FXO VoIP Gateway.

Cung cấp kết nối thoại qua mạng IP và Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 

Cổng nối S800 cũng trang bị một bộ chuyển mạch Ethernet bốn cổng và xây dựng trong NAT router chức năng cung cấp truy cập Internet, sử dụng một địa chỉ IP.

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S200 S400 S1600 S2400

VoIP Key Features

• Both support SIP and H.323 protocols:

• SIPR egistration and Digest Authentication; H.323 Gatekeeper Registration.

• SIP Single Number / Account for multiple ports.

• Caller ID Delivery: FXS support DTMF Caller ID generation.

• Smart VoIP call Dialing Book: VoIP call Book could provide any application VoIP call to any type destination(Domain name / IP address, PSTN or PBX) or hunting number setting.

• AC termination Impedance : 600/900 OHM and complex impedance

• Answer Supervision for Polarity Reversal Detection and Voice detection

• NAT traversal:This feature allow gateway to operate behind any NAT/Firewall device. Need not to change any configuration of NAT/Firewall like setting virtual server.

• Smart-QoS Guaranteed: This bandwidth management feature provide good voice quality when

user place a VoIP call and access internet at the same time. The gateway will automatically start to reserve bandwidth for voice traffic when VoIP call proceeds.

• Call Hunting Facility: This function helps gateway to use the lines effectively. This facility

automatically transfers your incoming call to a free line. Subscribers need not indicate numerous numbers of each port of gateway.

• Voice channels status display: This function display each port status like as on hook, off hook, calling number callee’s number, talk duration, codec.

• Flash Detection and Generation Program: FXO support Flash Generation and FXS support FlashDetection.

• FXO answer Mode: FXO provides Ringing Answer, Connection Answer and Non Answer for configuration.

• FXO anti-seized mechanism : FXO provides busy tone auto-learning and manually  configuration busy tone learning..


Telephony Specification:

• Voice Codec:G.711(A-law /μ-law), G.729 AB, G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps)

• FAX support :T.30 / T.38

• Echo Cancellation: G.165/G168

• FXS Tone Table Configuration: Support tone frequency and cadence configuration

• FXO hang up detection / anti-seized : Busy Tone Learning Automatically / Manual Busy Tone Learning.

• Answer supervision: Support Battery Reverse Detection and Voice Detection.

• FXO answer delay time: Support delay 0 – 8000 ms to answer.

• Adjustable AC Termination Impedance : 600 / 900 OHM and complex Impedance

• Failsafe Mechanism (FXS relay to FXO) :

• Power failed bypass support

• Internet Failed bypass (Optional)

• Registered Failed bypass (Optional)

• Unconditional bypass. (Optional)

• 12K Hz and 16KHz Pulse Metering (Customized)

• FXS Battery Revere Generation

• Support MWI(Message Waiting Indicator) by SIP Notify.(Optional)


IP Specifications:

• H.323 v2/v3/v4and SIP (RFC 3261) , SDP (RFC 2327), Symmetric RTP,

• STUN(RFC3489), ENUM (RFC 2916), RTP Payload for DTMF Digits (RFC2833), Outbound Proxy Support.

• LAN :Support Virtual Server, DHCP Server

• WAN: Support PPPoE client, DHCP client, Fix IP Address, DDNS client

• Network Address Translation: Providing build-in NAT router function.

• Smart QoS:Guarantee the voice bandwidth

• IP TOS (IPPrecedence) / DiffServ


Call Features

• Voice channels status display

• Direct Dialing Mode : peer to peer call (support IP Address Call or Domain Name Call)

• Register Call Mode : register to SIP Proxy Server or H.323 Gatekeeper

• DSP Adjustable volume : - 9 db ~ 9 db

• Silence Compression / VAD

• Auto Dial for speed

• Dynamic Jitter Buffer

• Hot-Line and Warm-Line Support


Configuration& Management

• Web-based graphical user interface

• RS232 for configuration

• Remote management over the IP network

• FTP firmware upgrade

• Backup and Restore Configuration file

• Syslog client support

• FTP method Auto-Provision (Optional)

General Specification

• AC power :AC100V-240V, DC12V/1.5A,50/60 Hz

• Temperature:0°C ~ 40°C (Operation)

• Humidity: upto 90% non-condensing

• Emission: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark

• RoHS Compliant

• Dimension : 260 x130 x 35 mm

• Weight: 1200g(Aluminum)

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